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United India Insurance Company

United India Insurance Company Limited was incorporated on 18 February 1938 as a company. The General Insurance business was nationalized in India in 1972. Indian operations of 12 united india insurance companies, 4 co-operative insurance institutions and 5 foreign insurers, besides the General Insurance Operations of Southern Region Life Insurance Corporation of India were merged with United India Insurance Company Limited. The leaps and bounds in United India have increased since nationalization and there are 18300 workforce spread across 1340 offices providing insurance cover to more than 1 crime policy holders. The company has a variety of insurance products to provide insurance cover from bullock carts to satellites.

Motor Package and Liability Only Policies

We cover

Motor vehicles including private cars, motorized two wheelers and commercial vehicles except vehicles plying on tracks.

Who can do insurance?
Owners of vehicle financiers or lassies who have an insurable interest in a motor vehicle.

Package Policy:

Two section:

Section I (Own Loss – OD) Package Policy:

  • Damage or damage to vehicle

Section II (Liability) of the Package Policy:

Includes liability for bodily injury and / or death and property damage of third parties.

  • Personal accident cover for owner driver for a specified sum insured
  • Liability only policy
  • Liability for bodily injury and / or death and property damage of third parties
  • Personal accident cover for owner driver for a specified sum insured

Health United India Insurance policy

key benefits

The policy covers reasonably and necessarily the costs of hospitalization for the treatment of illness / illness / injury in India or to be contracted or contracted by the insured during the policy period. Some day care procedures are also included in the policy.

Main characteristics

The entry age for this policy is between 36 years to 60 years. An insured over 60 years of age will continue to be covered under the Gold Policy, provided the policies are renewed with us without any break.

Children from 3 months to 18 years of age can either be covered or both parents are covered concurrently.

The insured amount given by us is Rs. 50 lakhs / to 50 lakhs between Rs. 50 in multiples of Rupees.

Clam process

In case of any incident, notice of hospitalization notice or claim to be sent to the address of the TPA stated in the policy. Intimation to be sent within 24 hours from the time of hospitalization, emergency hospitalization notice.

Claim Form to be collected tentatively.

Complete claim form along with all necessary / relevant hospitalization documents have to be submitted within 15 days from the date of discharge from the hospital.

All payment of claims will be made in Indian currency only.

Personal accident policy

We cover

Physical harm to a person due to an accidental injury (including fatal)
Who can be insured?

Any person or group of people (through employer association and institute etc.) is between 12 to 70 years of age. A person subject to a medical examination at the age of 70 may be covered up to 80.
What and how much will the policy pay?

When an accidental injury is the sole and direct causal consequence (during the term of insurance):

  • 100% of death cover
  • Permanent Total Disability 100% Sum Assured
  • Loss of two limbs / two eyes or one limb and one eye 100% Sum Insured
  • Loss of one limb or insured amount of 50% of one eye
  • Permanent% Sum Assured Permanent Sum Assured as per Policy
  • Temporary Total Disability per week Capital Sum Insured of 1% for a maximum period of 100 weeks Maximum of Rs 3000 per week.
  • Additional premiums made up to 25% of the claim may be covered on payment of medical expenses or 10% of the sum insured.

The policy pays education fund for the dependent children (2) of the deceased insured and the cost of transportation of the body of the insured from the accident site (as per details in the policy).

Attractive cumulative bonus at the time of renewal by increasing the sum assured by 5% for each completed claim free year (maximum 50% SI) of the insurance without paying additional premium as per the policy.
Overseas Travel Policy
We cover

The expenses incurred towards medical treatment for accident / illness occurring during foreign trips are covered and loss of passport is also covered under this policy.

Who can be insured?

Persons going abroad on business and vacation

What are the risks insured against?

  • Medical expenses and repatriation
  • In-Flight Personal Accident Benefits
  • Loss of passport

House Holders Policy

We cover

Any loss / damage

  • Building and its contents
  • Jewelry and Precious Items
  • Home appliances tv vcr audio system pc etc.
  • Travel baggage
  • Death / disability due to accidental injury
  • Third party liability
  • To be insured

Any householder in contact with any of the above contingencies. Benefits can be selected under four (minimum) or more classes. P. Cover available to the spouse and children of the insured (age: 12 to 70)

What is United India Insurance

Cover under ten classes with the option to select a minimum of 4 classes to get the premium discount. Cover against content is mandatory.

  • Buildings and Materials: Effects of gas explosion in domestic riots in the overflow of water tanks and lightning from the God riot fire.
  • Burglary House Breaking and Theft.
  • Jewelry & Valuables – Any Accidental Loss / Damage Plate Glass Any Accidental Loss / Damage
  • Baggage – while accidental loss / damage on travelAny
  • Accidental loss / damage due to complete household appliances
  • Electrical / Mechanical breakdown.
  • Tv vcr audio system
  • Fire and Allied Crisis Theft Housebrick Theft Electrical or Mechanical Breakdown
  • The pedal cycle fires and riots of related dangers, a malicious damage from theft by stealing the house of God is an external accident as well as a legal liability with a limit of Rs.10

Personal accident

  • Death / Disability due to accidental injury [Total / Partial]
  • Third party liability
  • Due to injury to third party or damage to third party property

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