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About Us

My name is Zubair Mahmood a professional Blogger, Digital Marketer, Youtuber, Public Speaker & Entrepreneur. After completion of my studies in lahore, I moved to karachi for my very first job, I started working in one MNC as a Software Engineer, now i am back in Lahore my home town and enjoying my entrepreneurial journey.

I am a full time Blogger, YouTuber & Entrepreneur. I help businesses & people to grow their revenue with the help of Content Marketing & Blogging.

I have more than 5+ years of ruff and tuff experience in Internet Marketing. Worked with more than 100+ clients and brands across the globe. Started Insurance Ritual as my dream project to help people earn more from Internet with my knowledge and learning’s.

I was not pro or perfect however i started imperfectly and achieved my end goals. As i mentioned i am a Youtuber as well, i create valuable videos in Urdu for Pakistani audience and I made a blog in English for Urdu and English audience both.

You can check out my YouTube channel here: Insurance Ritual

Zubair website insuranceritual.com

Before you proceed further i want you to tell little bit about my life.

How I started?

I was very ambitious about my work, I always wanted to develop a company which helps to solve major problem they have related to blogging or internet marketing.

I hate doing job under a boss. I wanted to be my own boss, so I started following my passion and build an empire of websites & online business; you can call me an online businessman.

I started my journey as a business owner, I started one company named ‘the cricket station’ at the age of 22 it was an online cricket items selling, due to lack of knowledge about websites, funding, business development it failed and I end up with loss. It was not huge loss as that was my first project and investment was very less, that was of $200 that’s all.

After that, I started my YouTube channel in 2018 with name ‘insurance ritual’ it was a life-changing decision i have ever taken. The main focus of this channel is to help people.

About my corporate journey

Initially, I loved my job because of hype created by our placement professors however later I realized that my place is not here working on problems, So i want to live boss Free Life, then I started blogging & You-tubing.

I am blogging since 2013.

Earlier i was writing for my blogger friends then i released that why not create content for us then i started my blog, YouTube channel and started my journey to build my own brand.

If you also thinking to start your career online then i will suggest don’t think do it start your blog today and you will get hell lot of time to learn & earn.

The more late you start the more time your loose, bet with me if you will not start early you will regret. If you are thinking to start a blog like me then read blogging articles.